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OTIS Pillow Cover 16 x 16

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Checked Hand Stitched Leather Pillow Cover 16 x 16

This pillow preserves the ancient technique of leather cushion making, a craft that requires a great deal of skill and labor. Hand-stitched by artisans from the city of Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, this cushion features a contemporary design. The process of hand stitching is time consuming and labor intensive, especially since leather is a 'tough' material to work with, quite literally. Hand-stitched leather offerings are a lot more durable than machine-stitched ones. When a sewing machine is used to stitch two pieces of leather together, two separate pieces of thread are twisted around each other in a ‘locking stitch’. A machine-sewn lock stitch will unravel if any piece of the thread breaks. This will ruin the seam and result in a much weaker product. A hand sewn saddle stitch however, is much more reliable. It stays intact even if a thread breaks. While hand stitched offerings may take a lot longer to create than machine-stitched ones, they almost always are more detailed and bear the priceless stamp of exclusivity.

Measurements: 16"W x 16"L

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Material description: Hair-on leather refers to leather, tanned without removing the hair from the skin/hide of the animal from which the material is sourced

Care description: Dry clean only

Production method: Hand Stitched

Disclaimer: Hand stitched products are individually made and hence unique from one to the next, and slight variations in stitch appearance from the product displayed can be expected