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How to Create a Blessed Space

How to Create a Blessed Space
Verse of the Week: Deuteronomy 28:6
You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.

Everyone wants to enter a space and feel at home and welcomed. The way we decorate our homes and spaces can have a huge impact on the moods experienced in them. Having cozy and refreshing colors and textures can create a welcoming environment. 

Take a moment now to look around your spaces. Maybe you're in your office, living room, or bedroom. Wherever you are, take note of how the look of the room makes you feel. Do you have that favorite pillow that always makes you smile? What about, like for me at the moment, a homemade wreath on the door, that makes me think of a great fall day. It’s these simple items that can transform a room to feel like your safe space. The items you choose to decorate your space is a reflection of you and having beautiful pieces can completely transform a room. 

This fall I have been gravitating toward warm and homey decor that is subtle in its expression of fall. Items like this gorgeous lumbar pillow bring interesting texture while also grounding the space. 


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It is a great piece to pair with an accent color of your choice. Some great options are:

Another great way to create a blessed space is setting the right aroma. The perfect candle can set the mood of a room. This fall at Blessed Home Decor By Katie we have hand selected a variety of candles to welcome in the new season. There are many different fall scents such as Brown Sugar Bourbon and Pumpkin Patch. I have loved the smell of my Pumpkin Patch candle in my apartment. It has helped create a cozy environment as the cold weather is ushered in. 

Whether it is a beautifully textured throw pillow or your favorite scented candle, the best spaces are filled with items that make you feel at home. So scroll through our inventory here at Blessed Home Decor by Katie, and see what pieces of home are waiting for you!

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