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Pillow Inserts 101

Pillow Inserts 101

Which Pillow Insert Should You Use? 

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This week we're talking pillow inserts! 

With so many options out there, it's hard to know which one suits your decor needs. Today we're breaking it down from pricing to the look that an insert can give your pillows.   

Starting with the poly-fill insert, this type of insert is at the lower end of the price spectrum and  pairs affordability with a full look. Generally used for decor rather than daily use. What this pillow insert gives up in comfort, it gains in a firm look. Unfortunately, with this type it can lose form if used often and can not be reshaped. Poly-fill inserts are a great short term option if you're looking for an affordable insert for a decorative seasonal pillow.  

 (synthetic down on left, poly-fil on right)

Goose down inserts are well known for their fluffy and sink- in feel. If you’re looking for a long lasting investment, traditional down has a long life span. One of the positives of goose down is its durability. If you’re looking to achieve that crisp chopped look at the top of your pillow giving you that relaxed and less formal look, a goose down is a good option. Something to note is goose down inserts can often have feathers poking out and is not a good choice for those with allergies.


Synthetic down is a personal favorite with its featherless fill that matches the feel of a traditional down insert without the poking of feathers. Machine washable and hypoallergenic, this insert leaves you with a fresh and clean pillow that holds the same weight and feel as a 100% down pillow. You can also rest assured that our synthetic down inserts are cruelty free and 100% made in America. If you have allergies in your home be sure to stay with this style! Synthetic down has all the fullness of a goose down pillow with none of the hassle!  The only con with synthetic down is once you use it you can never go back to using the lesser alternatives. 

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