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How to Decorate and Refresh Your Home for the Spring

How to Decorate and Refresh Your Home for the Spring

5 Ways to Update Your Home for the Spring

Spring is a time of new growth and revitalization. We are finally done with winter and it’s time to welcome in a new season and some warmer weather! Here are five ways to freshen up your space. 

1. Add Some Color 

With the plants starting to come back outside there’s beginning many pops of color in nature. Bring that same feeling of newness into your home with pops of color incorporated into your decor items. My favorite way to incorporate color into a space is with a bright decorative pillow.

2. Bring in Flowers

Adding in or swapping out flowers in your decorative bowls and vases is a great trick to refresh your space and bring the beauty of the outdoors in. A great tip is to get fake flowers from your local craft shop, they last and look great longer. 

3. Use Lighter and Neutral Colors 

Create a soft and welcoming space by having neutral colors as your base. A great way to do this is painting your walls a cream or taupe. But if you're just looking to make some smaller changes, switching out your comforter for a neutral colored one can give you that same effect. The neutral background brings more attention to the pops of color you’ve introduced to the space. 

**Bonus Tip: Bowls and trays are great vessels for displaying various seasonal decorations, so don't forget to swap out your decorative fillers for an easy way to change the look of your space and give it a spring feel. 

4.Change the Smell

I know we all love those amazing winter candle smells like gingerbread and pumpkin spice but it’s time to pack them up until the fall. Use scents like lavender, lemon, and raspberry to give your home a fresh atmosphere. 

5. Bring in New Art

Switching out your wall art can be one of the simplest ways to change up your space for each season. Incorporate art pieces with pastel or even bright colors. Find art that brings you joy every time you look at it. My spring wall decor always serves me as a good reminder of how happy I am that winter is over! Inspirational wall art can be great encouragement while we shake off the winter blues. Faith based pieces are great and are a continual reminder of what’s most important. 

What’s New for Our Shop  - New Season, New Adventure!

We have recently finished gathering a variety of pillow collections that represent a variety of styles to fit every person's taste and spaces.

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